• We are the combination of experts having been Corporate as well as Agency Staffing Professionals utilizing a best practices approach for winning talent on behalf of our clients.
  • We are a team of dedicated professionals motivated by providing the highest level of commitment, expertise, and collaborative experience. We’re not just a service, we are a tailored extension of your business, providing solutions that go the extra mile.
  • The foundation of our continued success is rooted in our unique, organic approach to sourcing, identifying, and engaging top-tier talent using finely-tuned approaches to engaging the right people for the best fit. 
  • Our depth of experience and subject matter expertise allows our clients to benefit from our ability to connect to a diverse group of experienced, qualified and dedicated applicants. Drawing from our exceptional network and utilizing our strategic analytic methods enables us to select the highest caliber candidates to fit your business and culture.

Leadership Members


  • Canopy specializes in analytic-driven sourcing and recruiting. We leverage the data generated from our unique suite of technologies and methodologies to optimize practices and break through the noise of today’s super-competitive hiring market.
  • We leverage a “Team Vertical” approach where each Recruiting Team focuses on their functional niche area of expertise. The same team member supporting a CFO hire does not recruit for I.T. Project Managers as an example. We bring a host of historic candidate relationships to the table and constantly source candidates who are willing to hear about future opportunities.​
  • Each candidate has multiple touchpoints and three levels of screening…..